About Us

Seattle Handmade is a membership based group of creative artists and craft makers that encourages connection, offers inspiration, and strives to provide real support to the creative community of Seattle and the greater Puget Sound.

It’s true! Our members come from all over Western Washington State: Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Renton, North, South, East…well. You get the idea. Previously known as etsyRAIN, we have members as far North as Bellingham and as far South as Olympia!

If you live in the greater Puget Sound Region, we encourage you to join us so we can help you connect with the creative people in YOUR area as well!

Seattle Handmade Membership events

Our History:

Our group began as an “Etsy Street Team” in 2007 when Etsy.com launched their “Teams” program. Starting with a small group of 10 people, we eventually dubbed ourselves “etsyRAIN” and grew over the years until had just under 1600 members on our Meetup group. Some were active, but most weren’t. And we were really okay with that for a long, long time (6 years, to be exact).

The all-volunteer EtsyRAIN Leadership Team (ERLT) worked together year-round to create community events, online creative challenges, and numerous in-person meetups, craft nights, classes, and gatherings. We also worked really hard twice a year for 5 years to produce  our very popular etsyRAIN Craft Shows. As the group grew, we knew we were creating something amazing and magical.

But…with so many members and so few participating the ERLT got burnt out. Like, crispy deep-fried. So much so that it became clear that something had to change. We were tired of explaining that even though we had “Etsy” in our name, that we truly wanted everyone to be involved. We have always been a group for more than just Etsy sellers, but our name belied our intentions. So, we put our heads together and tried to figure out what we could do to bring the magic back – and so, Seattle Handmade was formed!

The Transition from etsyRAIN to Seattle Handmade 2013 – 2014:

At the end of 2013, we worked with our friends at Beneficial Design to create a new identity for our group. A new logo, a fresh look, and an easy to navigate website was created and now we are looking for members to join us as we transition away from being views as “just an Etsy team” and toward being the inclusive creative community that we’ve always wanted to be a part of!

What do you want to get out of being a part of a creative community?

  • An active online forum and discussion board that helps, inspires, supports, and educates?
  • A community calendar to post local events you hear about or find ones to participate in?
  • In-person activities, craft nights, pop-up shops, collaborations with local businesses, and other community based events?
  • Access to arts business education and referrals to professionals that can help you grow your business or figure out when you’re ready?
  • A way to truly connect with other creative people who really do “get” why you do what you do?


Yes! We want that too!

We aim to provide all of this and much more! With your help, we can build a community that you WANT to be a part of and gives you the support you need to know that you are welcome from the first day you join!

If you have been a part of the etsyRAIN community for any length of time, encourage you to join us as a member today to help us create something amazing – a group that is formed around our common bond: creativity in all its forms!

Become a member:

Annual membership to Seattle Handmade is $40 / year.

Joining us today will entitle you to access to all members-only areas of our website, including our private forums, members-only articles, special events and announcements as well as first notice on all discounts, specials, and advance notices offered only to our members.

For more details on our membership benefits, please visit our FAQ page

The Bottom Line:

Seattle Handmade is the new community that is replacing etsyRAIN. It is a paid membership association that will focus on creating events, activities, and education in addition to our popular craft shows. Our main goal is to create a much more active and inclusive community where we can all find and really connect with each other.

Our Meetup group will be kept going as a free-to-join part of Seattle Handmade for as long as we can manage it. It will be a place for potential new members to learn about the things we do, but membership on Meetup alone will not allow access to our Seattle Handmade Members-only information.

Seattle Handmade members will be offered members-only activities and will be the first to learn of any of our upcoming classes, shows, and community events. There are private forum boards, networking activities and we will be creating new selling opportunities as well as non-selling events to keep things interesting.

Membership to Seattle Handmade is $40 per year. 1/2 price Charter Memberships have been extended through February 28, 2014. After that, membership will be back to full price, so if you believe in the things we’ve done in the past 7 years with etsyRAIN, now is the best time to join. Your membership to Seattle Handmade will help us create this next step for the creative community of Seattle…and that would be greatly appreciated! Sign up here: http://seattlehandmade.com/member/

Questions? Contact us!

Just to clarify…here’s a quick tip on what we are NOT:

We are NOT negative, snarky, finger-pointing, name-calling, needless-controversy-making, helpless, nor are we pushovers.
If anyone, and we mean anyone makes a point to willfully hurt another member, there will be crystal clear first and final warnings. If the behavior continues, then that member will be banned. Forever. That’s it. Why so strict? Because we need this to be a safe place for all of our members. We believe that safety deserves the respect of being protected and we are willing to do what it takes to preserve our community for the betterment of all!

Questions? Contact us anytime!