Marlo M. at Seattle Handmadeimakecutestuff.etsy.com

Marlo Miyashiro (aka Marlo M.) – Organizer and Head Cheerleader
Etsy shop: IMakeCuteStuff
Website: CreativeArtsConsulting
Blog: IMakeCuteStuff – the blog

Marlo M. is a jeweler by trade, teacher of techniques, mentor to creatives, consultant for creative business owners, cute stuff maker, and all-around supporter of all things handmade and those who make them. She has been in the wholesale and retail crafts business for over 20 years and is currently working on a “Big Secret Project” that, if all goes well, is sure to help to bridge the gap between crafters and commerce.

Little known fact: In a former life, Marlo M. was an actor / singer / dancer with a focus on musical theater, living the dream in Hollywood, CA. It ultimately wasn’t the life for her so she moved to Seattle in 1997 and hasn’t looked back since…well, okay. maybe a little… :)


Kayce Q of WorldofWhimmworldofwhimm 150x150

Kayce Quevedo – Co-Organizer, Treasurer, and Creative Visionary
Etsy shop: World of Whimm
Heidi of MaxandCoPost.comMaxAndCoPost.com

Heidi Kappes Belinsky – Show Sponsorship, Team Wrangler, and Misc. Affairs
Etsy shop: Max & Co. Post

Having grown up with my family abroad, my Grandfather sparked my interest in postcards for keepsakes as well as for communication.  I discovered the deltiologist in myself early and continue trading, collecting and selling postcards.  With degrees in both Botany and Fashion Design, I have a keen eye for design, and detail.  Postcards are so full of information and so personally expressive, yet conveniently small.  This is my dream job.  It is what I love.  In university I wanted to cure cancer, now I want to open a brick & mortar postcard store.  Cancer destroys the body.  Postcards heal the soul.

Little known fact:  My three favorite cookies all start with “M” – macarons, meringues and macaroons.  If you figure out what they all have in common, you will figure out another fact about me.






Ellen Marett Hoffman – Social Media Lead, Special Projects, and Positive Vibe Enforcer
Etsy shop: Wooden Clothespin



Roz of scarfcityscarfcity.etsy.com

Rosalind Brazel – PR / Media Relations, Marketing, and Idea Generator Extraordinaire
Etsy shop: Scarf City

Rosalind Brazel has been working with hooks and needles since she was a wee child of ten years old. Now, her grandmother that taught her everything, would be so proud of the chunky, modern knit and crochet accessories that she makes on her sofa studio. Her etsy shop, ScarfCity, consumes most of her free time.

Little known fact: In a former life, Rosalind was a television news reporter and anchor. She now works as a public relations professional in Seattle.


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