Vendor Showcase: Time for a Tea Party


“You’re awfully late, Alice. You naughty girl.” Whatever you do, don’t be late for Mad Hatter’s tea party! But if you do arrive late, be sure to come with a delightful, handmade gift suited for a proper sitting.

Of course, if you are in charge of bringing the tea, then please do not be late for the party.
Imperial Breakfast Tea
A worthy cup of tea from B. Fuller’s Mortar & Pestle

A proper tea party deserves a classy tea cup.

Classy Tea Cup
Wheelthrown ceramic tea cups from Playful Potter

Artisan jam to go with those scones, perhaps?

Unique Small Batch Jams
A variety of jam flavors from Sweet Caroline Jams

 A sweet little gift for the sweet hostess.

Kimono Droplet Earrings
Playful earrings made with vintage kimono fabric by Sazanka Design

Help your hostess stay organized (in case s/he is late for their own tea party)!

Errand Wallet
Sleek and slim envelope-style wallet by Chubby Cloud

You’ll find these vendors at the etsyRAIN 2013 Handmade Holiday Show, November 29 & 30 on Pier 66!

Vendor Showcase: Creature Feature

Leave it to Northwest artists and crafters to create items with Sasquatch and other mysterious creatures of these wild lands. Today, we showcase etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show vendors with a bent for beasts.

OMG! I found him! Sasquatch on a glass!

Sasquatch Tumblers
Upcycled glass beer bottles from Emerald City Glass

Tell ‘em they’re tops…triceratops!

Triceratops in Love Card
Hand screenprinted, recycled paper card from Orange Twist

You don’t usually think of the Yeti as sweet, but this one sure is!

Mini Yeti / Sasquatch Friend
Felt stuffed “beast” from Careful It Bites

Scare the cat with these monsters!

Scrappy Catnip Monsters
Felt cat toys from One Scrap at a Time

Definitely the scariest beast in the wild, but cute as can be!

The Lion King Art Print
The Lion King reimagined by Mayhem Here

Vendor Showcase: The "I"s Have It!

Initials! It’s all about personalization this holiday season. What better way to show that special someone that you are thinking of them (and only them) than a handmade, personalized gift.

“Expand your ability to brag” about a loved one with a personalized, hand-stitched photo book.

The Nice Brag Book
Hand-stitched full-grain leather photo book from Moxie & Oliver
S as in Super! (And not just for teachers!)
Personalized Teacher Gift
Ceramic custom apple ornament from Suzabella
 You can customize it two ways…one with the initial, and two, the color!
Initial Pendant or Bracelet
Sterling silver initial and aluminum color disk necklace or bracelet by One Eyed Collie

Why stick with just one letter when you can monogram it?!

Monogram Key Ring
Personalized monogram key ring from Sugar Sidewalk
Sweet little hoop art for your sweet little one.
Personalized Embroidery Hoop Art
Felt applique hot air balloon with initial from Catshy Crafts
You’ll find the these goodies online and at the etsyRAIN 2013 Handmade Holiday Show, November 29 & 30 at Pier 66 on Seattle’s waterfront.

Vendor Showcase: Bloom

Thinking you’ll go with some flowers for that special someone?  Why not shift that cliche to something a little longer lasting from today’s selections?  She’ll love that you thought outside the box, while remaining sweetly romantic (not to mention just how much she adores handmade).

papercut and painting by Berskart

In this piece each bloom is a different design, and the flowers literally come outside the box!

beaded hair vine
Czech glass bead & Swarovski crystals intwined by Cheryl Parrott Jewelry
Adding much needed hair bling can really spice up a night… or just oooh and aaaah at the pretty as it adorns your dresser.

screen printed wrap
maroon wrap with original screen printed artwork by Amy’s Artwork

 Just a touch of abstract and flowy to a stylish top

floral slugs
tall fleece boot liners by With the Rain
Before there can be flowers, there must be rain – keep the toes warm and cozy while our plant friends drink up!

sacred mandala necklaces
pendant jewelry by Sarah Barrick

Bright blooms to add some color on a gray Seattle winter day.

Vendor Showcase: Sustainably Minded

There are a plethora of ways we can work towards a greener earth, from recycling to using biodegradable materials.  Every little thing counts, and these shops are doing their part to reduce our impact on mother nature and keep sustainability in mind.

mumsy flower table runner
organic cotton table runner by Sage and Kai

Sage and Kai started out of a desire to make better, durable alternatives to disposable products, and grew from there.  What a lovely way to slow landfill growth!

leather guitar strap
recycled black leather strap by Greenbelts
Giving old leather belts a new life is the mission of Greenbelts; cows everywhere thank you.

quartz pendant necklace orange quartz and brass necklace by Jem’s Jewelry
To keep the world a little greener, Jem’s Jewelry buys local and recycles materials whenever possible.

vintage glass cameo
vintage black and gold cameo from House of Twinkle

 Vintage, the original reuse – and what could be more lovely than a little cameo.

dangle glass earrings
sterling silver and recycled lampwork glass earrings

Made from scrap glass, these little darlings are a doubly green accessory.

Vendor Showcase: Curiouser and curioser

We all need a bit of whimsy in our lives, something that sparks the playful and creative within us all.  Some may say strange or offbeat, but we find these curiosities to be just the right dash of unexpected to get the imagination started.

octopus tentacle wall art
rubber tentacle in brass victorian frame by Deviant Decor
“Why, you’ll have to excuse me, it seems my picture frame is actually a portal into another dimension…”

little bear hat
hat sized for newborn through adult by Sparrow and Sundry
Please do note that these are also made in adult sizes.  There is no rule that the kids get to have all the fun.

ring finger ring
solid resin ring handmade by Dave Sheely Designs

“I’d give you a hand, but all I have is this finger!”

dragon print
8×10 glicee print of original watercolor, pencil, and ink artwork by Priscilla jo

 Now THAT is what I call roasting marshmallows!  This calls for s’mores.

purple people eater decapitated dollie
plush head crotched by Scary White Girl

Every decapitated dollie comes with her/his own background story, including description of method of decapitation.  Bwahahahah!

Vendor Showcase: Feeling Nostalgic

Ah the good ol’ days… things were simpler, easier, and had much more interesting typography!  Today’s star Handmade Holiday shops all harken back to yesteryear, and we can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic when contemplating their amazing goods.

Jane Austen fashion illustration
original watercolor painting by Yardia
going way back, didn’t those victorian ladies just have the best clothing and such witty repartee?

Annabelle parfum
handmade perfume by Sweet Anthem

You know what they say, darling, packaging is everything!  And Sweet Anthem’s takes us back to the old school apothecary complete with handlebar mustaches.

men working photographic postcards
set of 5 postcards produced by Max & Co. Post
Speaking of handlebar ‘staches, hipsters could learn a thing or two from these strapping men

3 antique cups photograph
8×10 still life photo by Nostalgia Captured

 Well, you know we had to find something just deliciously nostalgic in this shop.  

I can keep a secret journal
handbound journal by Nico Paper Goods

 And finally for today, one must have a place to keep track of all of these remembrances.

Vendor Showcase: the Great Outdoors

Living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s hard not to love the great outdoors.  Surrounded by mountains, trees everywhere, and quite a few woodland creatures – it’s a hiker’s dream!  Today’s shops take inspiration from nature and put their own twist on it.  What could be more lovely?

bird on dogwood women’s t-shirt
organic screen-printed t-shirt by Uzura

Organic shirt and a lovely motif?  Where do I get one?!  Why, check out her etsy shop or visit at the Handmade Holiday show, of course.

small olive green glass acorn
lampwork glass bead made by Lori Bergmann Design

A lovely little something to brighten up your wardrobe

sheep card set
screen-printed blank cards by Wallingford
Why yes, I am hip enough to send you a sheep card, your move.

red fox figurine
porcelain hand-built collectible by Song and Branch

Oh my adorable… but please don’t try to pet one of these in the real great outdoors…

climbing vine necklace
sterling silver, hand sawn pendant with chain by Wire Tree

And closing our special finds, a little something organic in the midst of the industrial, poetic, yes?

Vendor Showcase: Repurposed Wares

NOTE TO READERS: For the next few weeks, we will be showcasing handmade goods from our fabulous collection of local vendors who will be at the etsyRAIN 2013Handmade Holiday Show on November 28 & 29 at Pier 66.
Remade, reclaimed, upcycled…no matter how you want to say it, repurposing is a popular theme of many handmade goods here in the great Pacific Northwest. Take a look at a few items from vendors who put the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) to work and will be selling their wares at the 2013 Handmade Holiday Show.

OliveGirl’s Ruffle Cotton Skirt
Upcycled t-shirt fabric skirt from Annie Rose Shoppe

FloatingVintage Watch Carriage Pendant
Vintage pocket watch carriage set in resin from Hammer and Paper
HandmadeRecycled Rubber Trifold
Wallet made of recycled rubber from truck inner tubes by Rubber Revolution
Smoke & Mirrors
Recycled motorcycle sprocket clock made with 95% recycled materials from reCYCLE Clocks.
For a full list of vendors, please visit the etsyRAIN website.

etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show’s New Home

Did you hear the great news? We finally have the signed and confirmed contracts for the next etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show to be held Black Friday and Saturday, November 29 & 30, 2013 in an exciting brand new venue: Bell Harbor International Conference Center: Elliott Hall at Pier 66 (aka: the Bell Street Cruise Terminal)2013 etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show Seattle, WA

You can check out information about Bell Harbor Int’l Conference Center on their website.

Why the new venue? While we were disappointed to find out that McCaw Hall would be occupied by the Pacific NW Ballet this holiday season, we took the news as our cue to find a space that could possibly be a more permanent home for our shows. Little did we know that it would take us months to visit locations all over the city and weeks of negotiations but, in the end, we did it! We found a fantastic space away from the crazy shopping crowds with convenient parking – a veritable trifecta of show goodness!

We are now working hard to get everything ready to send out our call for artists applications for the show by September 1st. Please stay tuned and be sure to follow the etsyRAIN Facebook page for other news and updates that we release to the general public.

Thank you all for being members of etsyRAIN! We are looking forward to another fabulous Holiday Season with you! Go etsyRAIN Go!