Show FAQ

Show FAQ

Below are some basic frequently asked questions about our shows. If you have any questions not listed here, contact us anytime!

Q. Do I have to be a member of etsyRAIN or Seattle Handmade to apply to one of your shows?
A. For most of our larger shows, applications are open to everyone. There will be a few select events that are open only to our paid members. For more info on membership, see our Member FAQ page here.

Q. How large are the booth spaces?
A. Booth space sizes depend on our venue. For instance, for our 2013 Holiday Show, we had 5′x8′, 8′x8′, and 10′x10′ booths.This footprint must include your entire display including your chair and storage.

Q. How much are the booth spaces?
A. We always do our best to keep our booth prices affordable for everyone. Here are our booth prices for 2013:

  • Basic Members / General Public
    • Standard booth 8′W x 5′D: $195.00
    • Large booth 8′W x 8′D: $235.00
    • XL Booth 10’W x 10’D: $255.00
  • etsyRAIN current Premium Members:
    • Standard booth 8′W x 5′D: $185.00
    • Large booth 8′W x 8′D: $225.00
    • XL Booth 10’W x 10’D: $245.00

In order to receive a Premium Member discount, you must be a current Premium Member as of your application date. 

Q. Can I request to be placed in a specific area of the venue?
A. When we can, we offer booth placement requests. If you request placement there is an additional $20 placement fee. Please see the application for more info.

Q. Do I need to bring my own tables? Are tables available for rent?
A. In general, all tables and all displays are to be provided by the vendor. Tables are normally not available to rent. If you need to borrow a table, members should post a request on our forum boards and connect with each other there.

Q. Can I use my canopy for my display?
A. In general, unless we are hosting an outdoor show, canopies, canopy frames or other large walled structures that completely obstruct the view of other vendors around you are not allowed. Any structures or displays not indicated on the application form and/or approved prior to the show Specific details would be outlined in the vendor application.(see “display components” section) that are found blocking visibility or traffic flow will be removed. If you are unsure if your display is allowed, enter your inquiry in the comments section of your application or Contact Us with photos of your display.

Q. What if I use free standing walls / screens / large display fixtures for my display?
A. For many of our shows, we have had many booth spaces that are against walls in the venue that can accommodate a back wall / screen /free standing structure type display. You would indicate those parts of your display in the new “Display Components” section so we are sure to place you in a space that will not block other vendors.

Q. Can I leave my booth setup overnight on Friday night?
A. For our Sat/Sun two day shows, we arrange for all booths to be left setup in place overnight on Friday. The venue is always securely locked and ready for your arrival on Saturday morning. If you prefer to cover your display, you might consider bringing a sheet to drape over your tables.

Q. Can I share a booth with a friend?
A. To ensure fairness for all vendors, we normally do not accept booth shares. Any changes to this policy would be outlined in our application.

Q. I really want to do the show but I can’t afford the whole booth fee all at once. Can you help me?
A. We normally have payment plan options available to help you pay for your booth over time upon acceptance. Please read the “financial assistance” section in our application for more info.

Q. I was in the show last year / previously. Do I have apply again this year?
Yes. Previous participation is never a guarantee of placement. Please put your best application forward every year and be sure to include any new work so we can see your creative progress!

Q. I am a paid Seattle Handmade member. Doesn’t this guarantee placement in your shows?
A. No. Membership has no bearing on your application during the jury process. All applications are viewed equally, normally without applicant names or business names to ensure as fair a process as possible. Any paid members who are subsequently juried into the show will be eligible for premium member discounts and privileges outlined in the application.

Q. I applied to a previous etsyRAIN show and didn’t get in. What can I do to help my application this time?
A. Because we have a very limited number of spaces available, we must make difficult choices to maintain a well-balanced show that features as many new products and vendors as possible. Your best bet for every application is to submit really great photos of your most current and best work, keeping in mind that all categories (especially jewelry) are extremely competitive. All vendors are juried equally and chosen based on quality and category space availability.

Q. Is there anything I need have ready before I start filling out my application?
A. Have 3 to 5 great low-resolution photos of your best work and an optional photo of your display along with a brief description of your work, prices, and artist bio (“about the artist”) ready. When the application is live, there will be a link available via our “shows” page.

Q. Help! I can’t access my account! I thought was already a member?
A. We have TWO separate websites that we use to run etsyRAIN business:

  • The etsyRAIN Meetup is is a members-only group managed on
  • This is where all of our emails, event posts and other notification emails come from when you get emails from us
  • Be sure to check your “account settings” to receive emails from the organizers!

2. The “public” Seattle Handmade website and premium member hub:

  • This is our “stand alone” public website
  • Our awesome event calendar is hosted here as well
  • Information about our Basic and Premium membership levels under the “membership” tab.

You can create a new Seattle Handmade website account HERE

Q. What is the typical Seattle Handmade (formerly etsyRAIN) Handmade Holiday Show shopper like?
A. Our customers are generally women ages 25 to 55 who strive to support locally owned small businesses and have an appreciation for artisan made goods. Our show tends to span the gap between the “traditional” fine art show and the very contemporary “DIY” craft show, offering high quality, handmade gifts in familiar categories that appeal to a wide range of ages, styles, and tastes.

Q. Do you have past sales information available?
A. We do not ask our past vendors for this information. In our experience, we have found individual sales figures vary drastically depending on the vendor’s experience and sales ability. Instead, we prefer to gauge our show’s success on our growing attendance numbers each year and the number of repeat applications we receive (about 80% between 2012 and 2013)

Q. How many vendors will be accepted into the show?
A. We’ll have approximately 90 vendors participating in 2013. Actual booth quantities depend on the size of the venue acquired for the show.

Q. We heard you are in a different location this year.  Is there ample guest parking?
A. We always strive for locations that are easy to find with parking readily available for both vendors and customers!

Q. What are you doing to promote the show?
A. We promote our shows with sponsorship partners, press releases, online advertising, social media marketing, advertising in local newspapers including full-color ads in the Seattle Weekly, postcard and flyer distribution to local businesses, poster distribution, as well as various methods of grassroots and creative marketing techniques just prior to our show date and promote via our online networks.

Q. What happens if I don’t get in? Is there a waiting list?
A. Yes. All applicants that are not immediately accepted to participate are placed on a waiting list in their category. If a space opens up, we look to this list to fill the space, being especially careful to not duplicate styles or genres of work within that category.

Q. I’m not ready to apply for the show, but would love to participate in the swag bags this year! Will you be accepting swag from non-vendors?
A. Yes! We love featuring local artists in our swag bags! We normally announce calls for swag via our Meetup Group. Be sure to sign up as a member on our Meetup group and allow messages “from the organizers” to ensure you receive the notice!

Q. I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Who do I talk to?
A. Contact us anytime at info [at] We look forward to talking with you!