Vendor Showcase: Curiouser and curioser


We all need a bit of whimsy in our lives, something that sparks the playful and creative within us all.  Some may say strange or offbeat, but we find these curiosities to be just the right dash of unexpected to get the imagination started.

octopus tentacle wall art
rubber tentacle in brass victorian frame by Deviant Decor
“Why, you’ll have to excuse me, it seems my picture frame is actually a portal into another dimension…”

little bear hat
hat sized for newborn through adult by Sparrow and Sundry
Please do note that these are also made in adult sizes.  There is no rule that the kids get to have all the fun.

ring finger ring
solid resin ring handmade by Dave Sheely Designs

“I’d give you a hand, but all I have is this finger!”

dragon print
8×10 glicee print of original watercolor, pencil, and ink artwork by Priscilla jo

 Now THAT is what I call roasting marshmallows!  This calls for s’mores.

purple people eater decapitated dollie
plush head crotched by Scary White Girl

Every decapitated dollie comes with her/his own background story, including description of method of decapitation.  Bwahahahah!

How to prepare for a big (or any) craft fair

So you’re just starting out and you’re getting ready to sell your hand crafted items to the public? You’re nervous? That’s normal.  You worried? It’s okay, you’ll have fun! You feel unprepared? Here’s a few tips for you.
The three big things you need to consider are:
1. Who your audience is.

  • This is vital because knowing your shopper will help determine if a show is right for you.

2. Having enough stuff.

  •  How do you know if you do? That’s easy. You should plan to be able to completely replenish your table at least once. In other words, if you sell out of everything, you have enough to make your table look pretty well stocked. i.e. avoid the ‘picked over’ look.
Also consider:
  • How big the show is. 
  •  How many hours/days in the show.
  • Ask the organizer what the expected attendance is.
3. Having a great booth display.
Visit other craft fairs for ideas. Look on the web, like this stream of pictures.  Do a test run before hand to practice how quick you can set up and tear down.  And write yourself a checklist like this one to make sure you have everything you need.
The most important thing to remember is to SMILE, HAVE FUN and RELAX! It makes a difference.

What’s all the fuss about McCaw Hall?

etsyRAIN’s Handmade Holiday Show is getting an upgrade this year!  

Wait! First, a little homage needs to be paid to the Intiman Theatre. It was a wonderful host to the show for three years.

But, the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Center is bigger, gorgeous and has a reputation that packs a punch. From the moment this location became a contender for the next home of the etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show, the enthusiasm of all involved in securing the site spread like wildfire.


There’s more!

There are quite a few benefits that come along with holding an event at the McCaw Hall:

  • There’s the event plug on McCall Hall’s website.

  • And the event plug on Seattle Center’s website.

  • Plus, an e-blast promoting the show that goes out to nearly 300,000 people who frequent McCaw Hall’s prestigious events.

  • AND the news release has already been sent to 250 media outlets.

  • ALSO those giant marquees that promote the events at Seattle Center will promote the Handmade Holiday Show leading up to the event.

This is all in addition to the efforts of the etsyRAIN leadership team and volunteer coalition’s efforts to publicize the show, including a multi-phased public relations plan.

What does all this mean?

It means the show is going to be HUGE!

etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show on

Handmade gift bonanza: etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show at McCaw Hall this November

Free Admission! 100 FREE Swag Bags EACH morning at 11am

 By Jill Russell Published: Sep 5, 2012 at 8:25 AM PDT

Lovers of the handmade gift website etsy will have the chance to meet vendors and get great holiday gifts this November.

The fourth annual etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show kicks off Nov. 23-24 (Black Friday weekend) at McCaw Hall at Seattle Center. The show will give holiday shoppers the chance to kick off the biggest shopping season of the year with beautiful handmade gifts from more than 100 local artists and craft makers.

“We were looking for a great location to expand our Handmade Holiday show to present even more quality gifts to shoppers and were thrilled to discover that Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Center was available,” etsyRAIN Organizer, Marlo Miyashiro said. “It’s a beautiful, spacious venue that will help us fulfill our main mission to support as many Pacific Northwest based handmade artists as we can.”
Admission to etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show is free. Swag bags will be given to the first 100 attendees through the street level entrance on Mercer Street all weekend.

For more information on the event, please visit or contact organizer Marlo Miyashiro at (206) 683-9744.

Belated Birthday’s

May was a hectic month for EtsyRain with the super successful Spring show at SODO Pop, which means we’ve missed a whole bunch of EtsyRain birthdays. With many apologies to all of our Late May and June folks, here’s part 1 of a quick recap.

* Kari of Mama K’s – May 19

* Allegra of Cassius Designs – May 21

* Tamara of Memory Bean Designs – May 23

* Dale of Two of Three’s – May 24

* Laney of Silent Goddess – May 25

* Leslie of Lowell and Son – June 2

Happy Birthday Shannon, Daren, and Liz !

We have some Birthday post catching up to do and boy, are there some treasures to be seen!

Happy Belated Birthday you EtsyRain members!!!
Shannon – May 14
Daren – May 14
Liz – May 18

Shannon’s etsy shop lanningslee has the most wonderful embroidered items for everyone in your family. The quality is unmatched and her reputation flawless.
…and who could resist her model.

Don’t miss her Lavender Dryer Bags.

Daren of dbdesignsit makes and sells awesome, unique boxes.

This particular design can be customized just for you!

With the busy summer Festival schedule his shop is light on inventory but if you email him through his shop, I bet you could get a custom order in no time at all! Browse his Sold inventory to see some of the things he can do!

Liz from Just Yesterday, custom designs scrapbook albums, pages and notecard sets that are incredible!

Her scrapbook albums are all put together and waiting for you to add your own photos. Talk about making it easy for you…
My favorite has to be these beautiful flower note cards. What woman wouldn’t love to receive one of these on a gift or in the mail?

Hope you all had Happy, Happy Birthdays!

Birthday Posts have been delayed…

The EtsyRAIN leadership team apologizes to all of our members who’s birthdays we’ve missed. We are working on catching up on everyone, so please stay tuned for more birthday celebrations!

Thanks to all of our fantastic EtsyRAIN team members and a Super BIG Thank You to the hard working all-volunteer EtsyRAIN leadership team without whom none of this would be possible!

Go EtsyRAIN Go!

Indie Banditas Bazaar & Punk Rock Flea Market

This weekend, both Friday and Saturday, many members of EtsyRAIN will be showing their wares at the second Indie Banditas Bazaar on Bainbridge Island. If you are local, be sure to be there! You can check it out on Facebook for more information.

If you don’t make it over the water and decide to spend your Saturday in Seattle – be sure to check out the Punk Rock Flea Market as there will be EtsyRAINers at that show as well. It is located at Underground Events Center, 2407 1st Avenue in Seattle. More information can be found here!

Team Challenge in a treasury

The EtsyRAIN team has completed another Team Challenge – this one’s inspiration was Fire. I think it came out beautiful! The treasury will expire on Thursday at 10:56 PM – but until then, you can click and comment!

Included in this treasury:

Brilliantly Boxed (item is in the Team Store)
Tradeur Beads (item is in the Team Store)
Sawatou (item is in the Team Store)
Baubles By Hand
Flanders Field Photography
A Crafty Arab
Ambika (Into The Fray)
Blythe By Design
Zebra Lilly
EbonRaven (Corvid Creations)
Nastrovia Handmade Gifts
Small Impressions Paintings