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    Kimberly Smith

    Quick poll: If I was to organize a small show in the Tukwila area, would anyone be interested in joining? It would be casual and I would only run it if I could find a space with low table costs… We could have a portion be dedicated to seconds/supply de-stash.

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    Kayce Quevedo

    Hey Kimberly! Are you thinking for Holiday? I am not sure how many read the forums, but I can see I’d we can get some members to weigh in if you are still serious.

    Hoping to try to get these forums up and running.

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    Kimberly Smith

    I wasn’t thinking specifically for the holidays, but I would definitely check out the options if that sways anyone’s opinion! Yes, let’s see if we can stir up some interest. I’ll start looking at venues if we have 10 or more express interest. :)

    I think it’s too late for planning an October show, but I can look at November/December dates.

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      Hi Kimberly!
      I am fairly certain that if you put a selling event together, you’ll be able to fill the tables. There are tons of people searching for last-minute shows right now, so if you really want to do it – find a venue, choose a date, figure out how many people you can accommodate, and then let us know so we can spread the word to get you vendors :D
      Marlo M.

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    Kimberly Smith

    I think I have to hold off for the time being. Due to my own financial situation right now, and the amount of deposit required for some of these venues, I’ll need more time for pre-planning to at least get a verbal commitment from a handful of people.

    Please keep me in mind if anyone asks about south end shows. I’d love to try this in the spring!

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